Service in Honour of King Richard III including a Commemoration of Dr John Ashdown-Hill

Where: Church of St Mary & St Alkelda Middleham

When: Saturday 7th July at 4.30pm

As part of the 2018 Middleham Celebrates Richard III weekend a service in honour of King Richard will now include a tribute to Dr John Ashdown-Hill who sadly passed away on Friday 18 May. John was a friend and supporter of the Middleham Festival and gave talks at both the 2016 and 2017 festivals. John, in fact, made his final public appearance at last year’s event, and so it is particularly appropriate that we remember him in a church known both to King Richard and to John himself. 

The Death of John Ashdown-Hill

From John Ashdown-Hill's Facebook page:

It is with deep sadness that I announce Dr John Ashdown-Hill's passing on the 18th of May 2018. John had a prolific career as a historian and was instrumental not only in the rediscovery of Richard III's burial place in 2012, but in his reinterment; for which John provided a funeral crown and a rosary to be reintered along with Richard III's remains. John was a popular and beloved mentor for many.

John's final project was a personal one. His collected poems, The Poetry of John Ashdown-Hill, were published just days before his passing. All proceeds from the sales of the book will go to John's chosen charity, Aid to the Church in Need.


From the Webmaster:

I've known John Ashdown-Hill for 10 years. I first contacted him as he was a representative of the Richard III Society and I needed help with promotion. John was the most helpful person to reply and for that I was always very grateful.

We met at the Richard III Foundation Conference in 2009. My party was also giving a lecture and we recorded the talks. In tribute to John's passing, I share his talk below for the benefit of those who only met John in his books and never had the privilege of hearing him speak. 

This website has seen 5 short years and chronicled a very active and successful period in the work of John Ashdown-Hill. I last heard from him the day before he died, as, with his usual courtesy, he suggested changes to the website if I didn't mind. Always so courteous. 

Comments will remain open, should anyone wish to share their memories and appreciation at this sad time.

Abigail J. Fox

The Poetry Of John Ashdown-Hill


Shall I recount the tale from the beginning

Tell of the fairies present at the birth.

Each Fate her gift bestowing on the child?


The Poetry of John Ashdown-Hill

From a lifetime of reflection, comes John Ashdown-Hill's thoughtful and classical poetry.

Available now in e-book and paperback: (Kindle) (Paperback) (Kindle) (Paperback)