Who really discovered the remains of Richard III?

This is the moment the lower leg bone was discovered beside the letter R in Trench One. It was the first discovery on day one of the dig on 25 August 2012.

Philippa points to its east-west direction and pushes for it to be a burial or skeleton as Annette Carson looks on, but Site Director Mathew Morris isn't interested and won't confirm whether it's human, or even a burial.

However, after the storm -when Philippa jumped into the trench to protect the bone from the tempest with a couple of finds bags and rocks - the TV crew are alerted to its potential significance by Philippa and they want to film further exploration of the lower leg bone with Mathew ... and the rest as they say is ...

Following the storm, Philippa Langley removes the finds bags she had covered the lower leg bone with to protect it from the water. It is only now that Mathew Morris will investigate further for the cameras and uncovers a second adjacent lower leg bone. This confirms Philippa’s theory that it is a burial and skeleton – located right beside the letter R.

After much pushing from Philippa (the client in the dig) ... the burial is finally taken seriously by the Site Director. On August 31 2012, Philippa goes on to instruct and pay for its exhumation using the final £800 remaining from the Ricardian International Appeal that had saved the 2012 dig from cancellation.