Interview with the Wars of the Roses Catalogue

Your books have been described by many as ‘fresh, very detailed and well researched and written’. Could you share with us a little about the process of writing ‘The Dublin King’ and how long did it take you to write?

That’s quite a difficult question to answer. My interest in the true story of Edward, Earl of Warwick, was inspired in 2013, when I was writing my book THE THIRD PLANTAGENET, on his father, the Duke of Clarence. But I had begun exploring the story of Lambert Simnel earlier than that. And some of my research on the so-called ‘princes in the Tower’ – including the discovery of the 1483 Colchester document which refers to Edward V as the ‘the late’ - dates back to 2003/4! But once I had formulated the concept of THE DUBLIN KING, actually writing it took me about nine months.

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Mail on Sunday review of "The Third Plantagenet"

From a review of The Third Plantagenet: George Duke of Clarence by John Ashdown-Hill, printed in the Mail on Sunday:

Time has not been kind to George, Duke of Clarence, Thanks to Shakespeare's Richard III, the brother of Richard and Edward IV is remembered as 'False, fleeting, perjur'd''; a traitor put to a fool's death.  ...  But the real George, as this enthralling and elegant biography makes plain, was very different. ... In Ashdown-Hill, George has finally found the champion he deserves.

Petronella Wyatt    

Interview with History Behind the Game of Thrones


History Behind Game of Thrones is delighted to welcome Dr. John Ashdown-Hill today. John Ashdown-Hill is a renowned historian who played a crucial role in finding Richard III’s remains. John recently released a remarkable book on George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence — The Third Plantagenet. In this fascinating book, John explores not only George’s life, but also the duke’s remarkable discovery about Edward IV’s children plus the most recent archaeological findings about George’s tomb.

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Review of "Royal Marriage Secrets" from the Historical Novel Society

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John Ashdown-Hill takes on all controversial British royal marriages in this work, well organized chronologically with particular focus on key figures and exceptional circumstances surrounding the marriage, or lack thereof. Early chapters provide background information on the evolution of marriage in general as well as royal marriage practices. Did you know that in the Medieval Age it was more common to marry at the west door of a church, rather than inside at the altar?

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