Evidence of the Accommodation used during Royal Visits to Leicester, 1460-1485

There is a popular legend that, prior to the battle of Bosworth, King Richard III spent the night of 20-21 August (and possibly also the night of 19-20 August) in Leicester, at an inn, later known as the ‘Blue Boar’, but which at that time may have been called the ‘White Boar’ in Northgate Street, a fine timbered building in the town centre. The implication behind this story appears to be that, since the inn bore Richard’s own personal badge as its sign, it may have had some pre-existing connection with the king.

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Speaking at Hungerford Literary Festival

John Ashdown-Hill will present us with a new Richard III, no longer a passive victim, simply awaiting death or defeat, but an active king pursuing his own agenda. John will reveal Richards last 150 days, a new re-examination of the aftermath of Bosworth, how Richards body was treated, his subsequent burial and the building of his tomb.

Based on John’s research the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society launched a project with the working title of Looking For Richard; In Search of a King. This is a fascinating story, a blend of science and history that will interest anyone whose imagination has been ignited by the furore surrounding the disinterment of Richard III.

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A Crown fit for a King


Now he has commissioned a jeweller who is a specialist in medieval reproduction to make a crown for the infamous hunchback monarch’s reburial.

Dr Ashdown-Hill, who lives in Lawford, said: “It is my gift to him.

“I feel close to him. I have studied him for 25 years and I have held him in my arms.

“We know Richard had a crown which he wore over his helmet at the Battle of Bosworth.

“It was thrown into a hawthorn bush and then used to crown Henry VII. So he ended up without one. I want to give him one back.”

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