East Anglian Daily Times: Praise for Mediaeval Colchester


Salient among the Leicester team who found Richard III, we are proud to say, was a local man, John Ashdown-Hill. Mr Ashdown-Hill, who lives at Lawford, is a linguist-turned-historian. He completed his history PhD as a mature student at the University of Essex and I have to say that his first book, Medieval Colchester’s Lost Landmarks (2009), changed the way in which I saw the town.

Colchester, you see, is clinically obese with history. You will hear about Boadicea, the Romans, the Normans, the Civil War, the Flemish Weavers, William Gilberd and our post-Napoleonic War military connections. What you generally won’t hear much about, as Mr Ashdown-Hill asserts in his book, is medieval Colchester.

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