Office for the Dead, with explanatory notes

Click here to download the text

Click here to download the text

For those who would like to pray for Richard III in full:

I've prepared usable English versions of the Office (matins, lauds, and vespers) for the dead, which Philippa and I intend to use - the first two during the hour we have to sit waiting for the reburial service in Leicester Cathedral on 26 March, and the third one during the hour we have to sit waiting on Sunday 22 March. Of course, we shall say the offices in silence, then, because the cathedral will be full of people.

For those who aren't used to them, these have instructions / explanations in red ('rubrics'). When you see a cross, you make the sign of the cross. 

Where alternative readings, prayers &c are possible I've simply chosen the one that seemed most fitting to me. I've also added at the end of each office, in dark blue, the collect (prayer) that Richard III requested.

Leicester Mercury: the Crown takes shape


The Rev Pete Hobson, canon missioner at Leicester Cathedral, said: "We're really pleased John has been able to produce this wonderful crown.

"It remains our intention to give it pride of place within the reinterment ceremony as and when we're allowed to proceed."

A funeral pall to be draped over the coffin is also being made and commemorative stained-glass windows will tell the story of Richard III.

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King Richard III: the origins of the "Paston" oil painting

Leceister TV 001.jpg

Did you know?

In 2009, the Society of Antiquaries Paston portrait of Richard III was cleaned and restored. The same year, John Ashdown-Hill commissioned an oil-on-canvas copy.

In 2011, John met the then Dean of Leicester Cathedral - Viv Faull - and presented his copy of the portrait to Leicester Cathedral.

In the course of all the Richard III publicity, following the 2012 dig and the recovery of Richard's remains, images of the portrait John commissioned and presented have been extensively used, in Leicester and in the media. But in spite of this, most people seem to be completely  ignorant regarding the origin of the painting - and of how it arrived at Leicester Cathedral!