Projects and Fundraising

John Ashdown-Hill is involved in various follow-up projects following the discovery of Richard III's remains. 

One relates directly to an unresolved issue in connection with Richard III himself. Details of that project cannot be released at the moment. However, John's being assisted with financing it by various organisations.

Another follow-up project is in connection with Eleanor Talbot and the fate of her remains. That's why John commissioned a 2D facial reconstruction of the Norwich skull (CF2). This was revealed at the recent study day organised by the Norfolk Branch of the Richard III Society. It confirmed CF2's appearance - and her resemblance to John Talbot, first Earl of Shrewsbury. 

The study day produced some funding, which the Norfolk Branch are holding in a special account for John's work on this project. He and the Norfolk Branch have also won the support and interest of the Castle Museum in Norwich who are now discussing the inclusion of an exhibition relating to CF2 and Eleanor Talbot as part of their new display in the castle keep.

John's planned ways forward include:

  1. A 3D facial reconstruction of CF2 for display in Norwich Castle
  2. A 3D facial reconstruction of Anne Mowbray to see whether it resembles CF2 (because Eleanor was Anne's aunt).
  3. A re-examination of the Norwich bones to check whether it can be confirmed that CF2 had no children
  4. Isotope analysis to check where CF2 grew up

There might also be further scientific work. 

More than £5000 will be required to pay for all of this.

If YOU would be willing to help by making a small donation, please email the secretary of the Norfolk Branch, Annmarie Hayek:

Gifts for John Ashdown-Hill

Following John's recent talk in Nantwich to the Richard III Society North Mercia Group, on how he discovered Richard III's mtDNA, he received from the group two gifts: a bust of Richard III, and a sweatshirt - embroidered with a key image and inscription!

Earlier, following his talk for the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, John was presented with a copy of Nigel Byde's The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471, signed by the author, by Amanda Thomas (on behalf of the organisers) and by Robert Hardy, Patron of the TBS.

A Gift from Dublin: A Portrait of Richard III

At John's recent talk in Dublin he was presented by the Ireland Group of the Richard III Society with a lovely little painting. The picture comprises a portrait of Richard III (based on the facial reconstruction - but with the hair corrected!) together with an image of the funeral crown John has had made for him. The artist is Frances Quinn. You can find out more about her work on her Facebook page

Speaking at Hungerford Literary Festival

John Ashdown-Hill will present us with a new Richard III, no longer a passive victim, simply awaiting death or defeat, but an active king pursuing his own agenda. John will reveal Richards last 150 days, a new re-examination of the aftermath of Bosworth, how Richards body was treated, his subsequent burial and the building of his tomb.

Based on John’s research the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society launched a project with the working title of Looking For Richard; In Search of a King. This is a fascinating story, a blend of science and history that will interest anyone whose imagination has been ignited by the furore surrounding the disinterment of Richard III.