EADT24: Should Richard III be given a Roman Catholic funeral?

A former Suffolk schoolteacher, whose research led to the discovery of Richard III’s bones beneath a council car park, has called for the king to be given a Roman Catholic funeral.

Dr John Ashdown-Hill taught languages at Farlingaye High School, in Woodbridge, before embarking on the Looking For Richard project, which found the lost grave in Leicester in 2012.

He has backed a petition calling for the monarch to be given Catholic observances when placed in a coffin.

Dr Ashdown-Hill, who now lives in Lawford, Essex, believes the remains of the pre-Reformation king, who was an active member of the Catholic Church, should be prepared for burial in a religious venue instead of a science laboratory.

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There is a petition running to ask for Richard III to be interred in a Roman Catholic chapel before the reburial. If you agree, you can sign the petition here. The poll closes on Sunday night.

Reaction to the Reburial Plans for Richard III

Burying Richard III

How do you solve the problem of reburying a medieval King in the 21stCentury? On 16th June 2014, the Diocese of Leicester attempted to answer that question when they revealed the plans for their re-internment of King Richard III.

The Diocese released details of the coffin, tomb and setting of the burial in the cathedral.

But controversy still rages about whether the cathedral’s plans truly befit the King whom Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society dubbed as “the last warrior King.”

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Revised Tomb for Richard III

Much digital ink has already been spilled on the plans for the burial of the remains of England's King Richard III, discovered under a car park in Leicester in August of 2012. From the location of the re-interment to the rite and creed of the ritual itself, nearly every detail has courted controversy from some quarter. The present proposed burial site, Leicester Cathedral, has been approved by a high court ruling, which supporters of a more traditional location at York (including some distant relatives of the king) have indicated they will not challenge. One should note that Leicester Cathedral was not raised to its present status until 1927, and the impetus for the Leicester reburial ultimately comes from the university who dug the king up and local officials.

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Breitbart: Bones of Contention & Catholic Burials


Subsequent to the original decision, the Plantagenet Alliance – a group of 15 non-direct descendants of Richard III's family founded by Stephen Nicolay, the 16th great-grandson of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York (father of Richard III) – sought a judicial review of the Ministry of Justice license that allows the university to decide on the burial site. The group wants Richard buried at York Minster. It's a former Catholic cathedral converted into an Anglican one, which had a number of tombs, windows, and altars destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII's daughter, Elizabeth I.

The next court date for this dispute is on March 13.

In addition, other petitions have been started to see Richard also buried in York, but in a current Catholic cathedral, with a funeral rite drawn from Catholic tradition.

Also weighing in on the side of a Catholic burial is Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, whose research led to the discovery of Richard III's remains. He told the BBC, "There is a lot of evidence that Richard III had a very serious personal faith."

Regarding burying Richard in a non-Catholic church, Dr. Ashdown-Hill said, "If Richard III had not... died, maybe the Anglican Church would never have existed."

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