Medieval Warfare reviews The Last Days of Richard III

Review by Ian Brandt

Excerpt from Medieval Warfare

The book is well researched and a very readable 'page turner'. It contains a copious amount of facts and new information that will satisfy both the newcomer and the expert alike, and it should be an important addition to the library of everyone interested in this particular English King, regardless of their own personal view of his character. On this last point, it should be stated that, although Mr. Ashdown-Hill's Ricardian credentials are well known, his book tries to provide a balanced perspective on Richard III, and he does take the time to dispel many of the more outlandish myths surrounding Richard and his successor, Henry VII, perpetuated to this day by Ricardians and non-Ricardians alike. 

The Tab: He's History


It was supposed to his crowning glory, the climax of a life spent hunting for the remains of Richard III.

So imagine the horror for Dr John Ashdown-Hill when the University of Leicester discovered the dead king and didn’t bother to tell him.

The jilted doc complained the University “airbrushed” him out of celebrations when they found Richard’s 500-year-old skeleton.

The (supposed) prince-murdering hunchback was found buried under a Leicester car park in September last year.

In his book, The Last Days of Richard III, Dr John speculated that the king was buried in the lost Church of the Greyfriars in Leicester.

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Calcutta Telegraph review "The Last Days of Richard III"


Ashdown-Hill recounts through some deft research what happened to Richard’s body and where and how he was buried. Through another piece of detective work, he actually tracks down, with the help of DNA samples, Richard’s line down to the 21st century. This use of the DNA sample could open doors to locating descendants of other royal lines considered to be extinct, maybe even the Stuart line.

This book embodies exemplary research and analysis of documents. It presents a complex subject with great lucidity.