EADT24: Should Richard III be given a Roman Catholic funeral?

A former Suffolk schoolteacher, whose research led to the discovery of Richard III’s bones beneath a council car park, has called for the king to be given a Roman Catholic funeral.

Dr John Ashdown-Hill taught languages at Farlingaye High School, in Woodbridge, before embarking on the Looking For Richard project, which found the lost grave in Leicester in 2012.

He has backed a petition calling for the monarch to be given Catholic observances when placed in a coffin.

Dr Ashdown-Hill, who now lives in Lawford, Essex, believes the remains of the pre-Reformation king, who was an active member of the Catholic Church, should be prepared for burial in a religious venue instead of a science laboratory.

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There is a petition running to ask for Richard III to be interred in a Roman Catholic chapel before the reburial. If you agree, you can sign the petition here. The poll closes on Sunday night.

BBC: The Rosary for Richard III

From the BBC broadcast about the rosary for the reburial of Richard III:

Watch the full news report, from 20 minutes 52 seconds:

Do you want to pray for Richard III?

Here is a prayer which he requested should be said for him after his death (in his statutes for the Collegiate Church at Middleham).

If the Latin is too difficult for you, you can say it in English.

Deus, cui proprium est miseréri semper et parcere: súscipe deprecatiónem nostram; ut nos, et omnes fámulos tuos, quos delictórum catena constringit, miserátio tuæ pietátis clementer absolvat.

Propiciare animæ famuli tui Ricardi.

O God, whose nature and property is ever to have mercy and to forgive: receive our humble petitions; and though we be tied and bound by the chain of our sins, yet let the pitifulness of thy great mercy loose us.

Be merciful to soul of your servant, Richard.