Speaking Topics 2016/2017

John Ashdown-Hill’s aim as a historian is to try to get at the truth behind frequently repeated mythology, by getting back to the real evidence. His chief focus is on the later middle ages (15th century).

Along those lines, and in relation to the books he has produced, he is happy to talk about the following topics:


  1. The Private Life of Edward IV
  2. England’s Secret Queen - Eleanor Talbot – the woman who put Richard III on the throne
  3. The Dublin King of 1487 and the fate of the so-called ‘Princes in the Tower’
  4. The Mythology of Richard III
  5. George, Duke of Clarence


  1. The so-called ‘Wars of the Roses’
  2. 1000 years of Royal Marriage Secrets


  1. Bearbaiting and Brothels – the leisure activities of medieval Colchester
  2. The Shrine of the Holy Rood of Dovercourt
  3. Greyfriars – Colchester’s medieval Franciscan Priory
  4. The Lost Churches of Medieval Colchester
  5. The medieval shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
  6. Clare Priory

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