The Last Days of Richard III and the fate of his DNA

The Book that Inspired the Dig

The Last Days of Richard III contains a new and uniquely detailed exploration of Richard's last days. By deliberately avoiding the hindsight knowledge that he will lose the Battle of Bosworth Field, we discover a new Richard: no passive victim, awaiting defeat and death, but a king actively pursuing his own agenda. It also re-examines the aftermath of Bosworth: the treatment of Richard's body; his burial; and the construction of his tomb. And there is the fascinating story of why, and how, Richard III's family tree was traced until a relative was found, alive and well, in Canada. Now, with the discovery of Richard's skeleton at the Greyfriars Priory in Leicester, England, John Ashdown-Hill explains how his book inspired the dig and completes Richard III's fascinating story, giving details of how Richard died, and how the DNA link to a living relative to the king allowed the royal body to be identified.

The History Press, 240 pages

ISBN: 9780752492056



The book is well researched and a very readable 'page turner'. It contains a copious amount of facts and new information that will satisfy both the newcomer and the expert alike, and it should be an important addition to the library of everyone interested in this particular English King, regardless of their own personal view of his character.

Ian Brandt, Medieval Warfare

This book embodies exemplary research and analysis of documents. It presents a complex subject with great lucidity.

Editor's Choice, Calcutta Telegraph

From the Amazon reviews:

The book is a thoroughly good read from start to finish. The attention to detail and fair portrayal of Richard III puts this work at the forefront of Ricardian research and analysis. Although I am a long time supporter of Henry Tudor I was certainly persuaded to reconsider my opinion. I gained a lot more knowledge on the religious aspects of the fifteenth century in which Richard lived and of his own personal piety. Thank you John Ashdown Hill for an excellent and thought provoking book.

Ashdown-Hill's scholarship combined with a vision of revelation make this another tasty meal for those who wish to set the Historical record of Richard III straight.

This is an excellent book. Very detailed in the life of Richard 3rd. A window into the daily life of that time in England. Recommended.

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