The Poetry of John Ashdown-Hill

Shall I recount the tale from the beginning?

Tell of the fairies present at the birth,

Each Fate her gift bestowing on the child?

Throughout his life, John Ashdown-Hill has rendered thought, reflection, experience and emotion, in his careful and classical poetry.

The Poetry of John Ashdown-Hill is now available:

Maximum Felix Media, 336 pages

ISBN: 1718751877

ISBN-13: 978 1718751873

Updated 19th May 2018

Upon the announcement of the death of John Ashdown-Hill, it was indicated that sales of this book will go to Aid to the Church in Need, in accordance with his wishes. 

"John Ashdown-Hill's Spanish poems are art. Abstract concepts like "soledad" and "afán" are expressed in a lyrical voice that invites the reader to reflect on these difficult words."

- Sergio José Rodríguez González from A Pobra do Brollón (Galicia, Spain), friend and collaborator of John Ashdown-Hill who helped him to prepare his Spanish poems for publication






The Poetry Of John Ashdown-Hill
By John Ashdown-Hill

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