Breitbart: Bones of Contention & Catholic Burials


Subsequent to the original decision, the Plantagenet Alliance – a group of 15 non-direct descendants of Richard III's family founded by Stephen Nicolay, the 16th great-grandson of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York (father of Richard III) – sought a judicial review of the Ministry of Justice license that allows the university to decide on the burial site. The group wants Richard buried at York Minster. It's a former Catholic cathedral converted into an Anglican one, which had a number of tombs, windows, and altars destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII's daughter, Elizabeth I.

The next court date for this dispute is on March 13.

In addition, other petitions have been started to see Richard also buried in York, but in a current Catholic cathedral, with a funeral rite drawn from Catholic tradition.

Also weighing in on the side of a Catholic burial is Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, whose research led to the discovery of Richard III's remains. He told the BBC, "There is a lot of evidence that Richard III had a very serious personal faith."

Regarding burying Richard in a non-Catholic church, Dr. Ashdown-Hill said, "If Richard III had not... died, maybe the Anglican Church would never have existed."

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