Reconstructing the appearance of Eleanor Talbot

There was once an image of Eleanor Talbot in Old St Paul’s Cathedral – as a mourner on her mother’s tomb. But this was lost in the Great Fire of London. No contemporary image of Eleanor is now known to survive, though she was obviously attractive in the eyes of Edward IV, and contemporary accounts describe her younger sister as a beauty.

Images do exist of Eleanor’s parents, of her beautiful sister, the Duchess of Norfolk (but in her 40s), and of her young niece, Viscountess Lisle.

Also some years ago John Ashdown-Hill had an examination carried out of a set of female bones recovered in the 1950s from the site of the Carmelite Priory in Norwich where Eleanor was buried. From the age at death and other evidence it seems possible that these remains may be Eleanor’s.

Based on the Norwich skull John produced a facial reconstruction.

John’s drawing and the images of Eleanor’s relations were then used by artist Mark Satchwill to produce reconstructions of Eleanor’s appearance fort John’s Book Eleanor, the Secret Queen.