Sign the petition to stop further tests on the remains of Richard III

We believe that it is time to honour the original agreement made with the Looking for Richard project team before the dig to discover King Richard III began. It's time to stop further testing and to release his body to await reburial - wherever that may be - in an appropriate place of peace and sanctity. It's time to accord him the respect and human dignity that he was denied after he was killed 'fighting manfully in the thickest press of his enemies' at Bosworth Field. It's time to remember that he was a human being who lived and breathed and not a resource for scientific investigation and to attract academic funding. UK citizens and residents, please also sign the petition at: . Both petitions have been endorsed by Dr John Ashdown-Hill, originator of the search for King Richard's grave with Philippa Langley and the rest of the Looking for Richard team.

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