Review of "The Third Plantagenet" by Crickhollow Books


George Plantagenet, the Duke of Clarence may have come from one of the most powerful families of the middle ages, but somewhere along the way we have lost him. We know him as false fleeting perjur’d Clarence, always as a traitor, sometimes as a drunk and a madman. Edward IV may have been a notorious womaniser, taken the throne of England over the corpses of thousands and murdered his predecessor, the virtually helpless King Henry VI. But we remember him for his glistening court, a romantic hero who married for love and a brilliant military general. King Richard III may have been maligned by history but he has the benefit of his own historical society. Conveniently some of Edward IV’s crimes have been attributed to Richard, but his devoted band of Ricardians and many historians have brought the real Richard III to light. But what of George? He is lost in time. Even his remains have vanished.

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