John Ashdown-Hill in the BBC History Magazine

The secret intimacies of Edward IV: multiple marriages and a same-sex affair? 

King Edward IV is remembered by many for his role in the Wars of the Roses, the 30-year struggle between the Houses of Lancaster and York for the English throne, and for his relationship with Elizabeth Woodville.

Here, historian John Ashdown-Hill re-examines what is known about the private life of the monarch, from his possible bigamy to secret same-sex intimacies, and questions many ‘facts’ traditionally assigned to the first Yorkist king of England…

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The Crown goes to York

Media cuttings about the crown for Richard III, commissioned by Dr. John Ashdown Hill

Dr John Ashdown-Hill, who was involved in the archaeological dig that discovered Richard's remains, commissioned a valuable 15th century-style coronet in tribute to Richard, and it is now on display to visitors at the museum in Monk Bar, before it starts a tour of the country and plays a part in the king's reburial.

York Press


Sarah Maltby, Director at Jorvik group, which runs the Richard III Experience, said: “Richard III’s reign may have been short but his influence on York cannot be underestimated.

"The Richard III Experience is the perfect place for people to explore Richard’s life and reign and we are excited to have access to the replica crown."

The Funeral Crown will be on display until early July .

Darlington and Stockton Times


York may have lost out as the final resting place of infamous monarch Richard III but it has come up with the crowning glory for his funeral.

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